Social Media Users Spend Almost 34 Hours Per Month on TikTok, Ten Hours More than Last Year

Published December 03, 2023

Although Facebook has the highest number of users and Instagram leads in popularity, none of these platforms can compete with TikTok, undoubtedly the most used platform in the social media space. According to data presented by, social media users spend almost 34 hours per month on TikTok, a whopping ten hours more than last year.

People Spend 2x more Time on TikTok than on Facebook or Instagram

The social media giants continue battling to win the short video war, as the global demand for this type of content hit never-seen highs. But, even six years after its launch, TikTok continues to dominate this market. Thanks to its global user base that swelled to a whopping 1.9 billion, the popular video-sharing app is on track to hit record downloads and the highest IAP revenue so far. However, according to a DataReportal survey, TikTok is also the absolute king regarding average monthly usage time.

DataReportal`s Digital Global Overview Report showed Android users worldwide spent an average of 33 hours and 28 minutes using TikTok per month in 2023, ten hours more than last year, showing the biggest increase of all top social media platforms. This figure is even more impressive when compared to social media giants Facebook and Instagram. The survey revealed people spent two times more time on TikTok than on the two social media platforms.

Facebook ranked as the second most-used platform, with an average of 18 hours and 50 minutes per month. However, that’s almost an hour less than the social media giant’s usage time last year. Instagram stands in third place with an average usage time of 15 hours and 50 minutes per month, or nearly four hours more than last year.

Snapchat’s usage time increased by 45 minutes and now stands at three hours and 58 minutes. On the other hand, Twitter users spent almost half an hour less on its app than last year, with its average usage time now at four hours and 52 minutes.

TikTok Tops in Usage Time, but Instagram is More Popular

And while TikTok has the highest usage time, Instagram, the third-largest platform in the social media space, is the favorite among social media users.

The DataReportal survey showed that almost 16% of social media users named Instagram their number-one social media platform, 1.5% more than six months ago. Facebook ranked as the second most popular platform, with a 13% share among respondents. However, statistics show the social media giant has lost some popularity since April, when 14.2% of social media users named it their top choice.

Statistics show that Instagram is far more popular than TikTok, which had only a 7% share among respondents. Still, this represents an increase from a 6.1% share the short-form video platform had six months ago. X, formerly Twitter, ranked in the middle of the list with a 3.2% share among social media users, almost the same as in April. The survey showed Snapchat was the least popular among social media users, with only 1.3% of respondents naming the platform their favorite choice.

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