OnlyFans Hit 5.7 Billion Visits in Six Months

Published April 05, 2023

The UK-based OnlyFans has seen its business thrive over the past few years, reaching over 190 million registered users and 2.1 million content creators, despite the criticism and controversies. This massive user base continues driving impressive monthly web traffic.

According to data presented by, OnlyFans hit a massive 5.7 billion visits in six months, most of which came from the United States.

Monthly Website Traffic Jumped Almost 40% in Six Months

Despite the criticism and controversies, OnlyFans became one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and one of the best-performing companies in Europe. Its website traffic has also surged, especially in the past three months.

The Seemrush data show the content creator’s platform hit more than 757 million visits in September last year. However, its website traffic has significantly increased since then. By the end of 2022, OnlyFans had over one billion monthly visits, with its website traffic growing by an average of 100,000 visits month-over-month.

In January, the number of visits peaked at 1.1 billion. Although February’s traffic slightly dropped to 1.06 billion visits, this still represents a huge 40% increase in just six months.

The Seemrush data also show OnlyFans ranked sixty-fourth in the global ranking of most visited websites in February, showing a drop from the previous months.

United States OnlyFans` Largest Market with 400 million Visits in February, 8x more than the UK

The United States is, without a doubt, Only Fans` largest market, with over 400 million visits to the platform in February alone. The United Kingdom, as the second-largest market, accounted for 49.3 million visits that month, or eight times less than the US.

Mexican, Canadian, and Jersey users amassed 48.6 million, 46.3 million, and 37.5 million visits, respectively.

The Seemrush data showed other interesting facts about OnlyFans` website traffic. Over 85% of total traffic in February was made via mobile devices. Also, around 9% of OnlyFans` visitors browsed Twitter before landing on the platform. Another 6% visited Linktree before searching OnlyFans.

Statistics also show most of OnlyFans` website visitors, or around 10%, went to Instagram after searching for content creators on the platform. 

Jastra Kranjec

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