Google is the World’s Most Valuable Media Brand Worth $281.3B, Four Times more than TikTok and Facebook

Published October 03, 2023

As one of the Big Five tech companies, Google has had a major impact on the media industry. The tech giant has reshaped the news landscape, transformed the music industry, revolutionized video consumption, and ranked as the world’s biggest media brand for three years.

According to data presented by, Google is the most valuable media brand in the world in 2023, with an estimated brand value of about $281.4bn, nearly four times more than TikTok and Facebook.

TikTok/Douyin Climbs to Third Place of the Biggest Media Brands, Facebook Drops to Third Spot

Every year, Brand Finance analyzes 5,000 of the world’s biggest brands across all sectors and countries and ranks them in the annual Brand Finance Media 50 ranking.

For the third consecutive year, Google remained the world’s most valuable media brand, with a brand strength index score of 93.2/100 and a prestigious AAA+ rating. According to the Brand Finance survey, Google’s brand value growth results from the continued evolution and expansion of its services, including Google Cloud, Google Pixel, and Google Wallet.  Statistics show the Californian tech giant hit a brand value of $281.4bn in 2023, 7% more than last year and four times more than its runner-up TikTok.

However, TikTok climbed two spots in this year’s ranking. In 2022, the video-sharing app was the fourth largest media brand in the world, worth $59.8bn. However, after its brand value jumped by 11% year-over-year to $65.7bn, the Chinese short-form video platform jumped to second place, ahead of Facebook.

The world’s largest social media giant saw its brand value plunge year-over-year, falling from $101.2bn to roughly $59bn, the biggest decline among the top five names. WeChat and Disney close the top five club, with brand values of $50.2bn and $49.5bn, showing a drop compared to last year’s valuations.

Instagram climbed one spot and ranked as the world’s sixth most valuable media brand, worth $47.4bn in 2023, up from $33.4bn last year. Statistics show YouTube, the eighth most valuable media brand worth $29.7bn, switched spots with Netflix, which dropped to ninth place with a valuation of $24.1bn.

Twitter Brand Value Plunged 32% Since Musk’s Takeover

Ever since it was bought by billionaire Elon Musk for $44bn last October, X, formerly Twitter, has been losing users, traffic, and advertising revenue. However, the Brand Finance data show its brand value has also plunged.

In 2022, Twitter was the 26th most valuable media brand globally, worth roughly $5.5bn. However, the brand’s reputation has decreased substantially since Musk’s takeover. Statistics show that Twitter’s brand value has dropped by a massive 32% over the past twelve months, causing the brand to fall by eight positions in the Brand Finance Media 50 ranking.

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