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Hello my darlings, this OnlyFans is the place where you will not only get daily posts but never before seen content that is deemed too risky for other social media.


❤️ Got a run down house to renovate in January

❤️ Redundancy in February

❤️ Lockdown in March

❤️ UC in May, but it didn't cover my living expenses

❤️ Decided to try the "freelance dream"

❤️ Started selling my artwork + OnlyFans!

You asked, I listened:


1. Buy a tripod for my phone to create better content: ACHIEVED

2. To be able to cover myself through the pandemic: 40 Subscriptions

3. To be financially stable each month: 100 Subscriptions

4. To get my first ever "new" phone to create nicer content (I buy refurbished or 2nd hand to keep cost down): £200/£600 in tips/PPV

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@Swaydo OnlyFans profil, fotoğraflar ve bağlantılar