Exclusive interview with Elle Brooke; Jully Pocca is the hardest MF ever; 6ar6ie doesn’t intimidate me, she just weighs more

Published May 12, 2023

Speaking exclusively to Only Accounts, OnlyFans model & influencer boxer Elle Brooke talks about her upcoming semi-final fight with Jully Pocca.

Elle also reveals her family doesn’t mind if she fights her sister in the Kingpyn tournament final.

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Interview highlights

  • Jully Pocca is the hardest MF ever
  • My family don’t mind me fighting my sister in the kingpyn final
  • 6ar6ie doesn’t intimidate me, she just weighs more
  • If 6ar6ie beats my sister, I won’t let it get to me in the final
  • I used to have fights in McDonalds & at school with my sister
  • Lauren Alexis is my favourite OF model right now


Question: You said this is going to be the biggest women’s influencer boxing match ever. How excited are you about it?

Elle Brooke: “Yeah I’m really excited about it. What I’ve learned from my last fight is do not underestimate your opponent. So this time I’m going to be thinking ‘Jully is going to be the hardest MF ever! She’s so tough and dangerous I need to be on my toes and alert and keep focused because if I don’t she’s big and bad things can happen.’ But it’s going to be big because she’s got 1.5 million followers and the Brazilians, as per the last Kingpyn, go absolutely wild. I expect to be booed on my walkout. In Ireland it might be a bit different but the Brazilians all come out and they’ve got a combined following of about 60 million.”

Q: How does your family feel about the prospect of you fighting your sister in the final?

EB: “They don’t mind. When we were younger we were a lot more violent to each other but now when we fight we’ll have to wear gloves so it’s safer! It’s all business and there’s no animosity and I don’t think there’s going to be any bad blood but there’s a prize to be won and you better believe my sister and I are ultra competitive. But my mum hasn’t said it’s a bad idea and she’ll definitely be watching at ringside. You know what I think would be really funny? If you could press the red button and switch to a live view of my family because that would actually be better than the fight [laughs].”

Q: How do you feel about the prospect of fighting 6ar6ie if she beats your sister Emily?

EB: “I think it’s going to be annoying because you know in influencer boxing she’s going to say ‘haha I beat your sister and now I’m coming to beat you too!’. That’s going to be something that I’ve got to not let get under my skin and I’ve got to not get too emotional about it. I don’t need to think about revenge. I need to just think about winning and focus on myself rather than avenging my sister. That’s what I need to keep telling myself.”

Q: Are you intimidated by 6arbie with all her tattoos and crazy makeup?

EB: “No because if you actually hear her speak behind the scenes she’s very soft and she’s not really intimidating. She’s not scary in terms of her body language or anything but she knows the aim in terms of trash talk. But no, I don’t find her intimidating. I just think if she was my size then she’d be crap! The only thing she does have over me is a huge weight and size advantage. She loves an uppercut and it will be interesting if she does win against my sister. But I do think my sister has got this and she’s a very similar build to me so I’ll be able to learn a lot from her fight. My sister is brand new to this, she only had six weeks training before her first fight and she’s completely gassed that she won that fight because Amber had been training for over a year.”

Q: Did you get into a lot of fights at school?

EB: “Yeah, I was like a wannabe chav! I wasn’t the nicest person at school. I was like fat, ugly and ginger! I think I was so insecure within myself that I just wanted to fight everyone. I was in with, not the wrong crowd, but not the nicest kids. I would always hang around with the kids that smoked and I smoked too. I remember I had this fight in McDonalds because this girl spat on me! My sister and I had a fight in school where we were pulling each others’ hair! It wasn’t like boxing, it was more just catty. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become much less confrontational. But you can take the girl out of Portsmouth but you can’t take Portsmouth out of the girl!”

Q: Who are your favourite Only Fans content creators at the moment?

EB: “Lauren Alexis is great. She’s my friend and I Iook up to her. She’s great on YouTube and she’s really unique with her style which I think is very admirable. Ebanie Bridges has only just started on Only Fans and she is killing it and I’m so proud of her. She couldn’t have smashed it any better the way she promoted her account. The weigh in, the tattoo and how she revealed it and then absolutely smashing Shannon O’Connell. It couldn’t have gone any better for her and I’m so proud. It’s a crazy world and there’s so many Only Fans creators that I look up to honestly.”

Elle Brooke

Elle Brooke is a social media personality and OnlyFans model. The online star began her crossover into influencer boxing in 2022 and has a record of 3 wins and 0 losses.