Elle Brooke Interview: Elle Brooke claims Piers Morgan ‘doubled her earnings overnight’; Brooke confirms she was earning £30k a month before leaving Uni

Published October 02, 2023

In an exclusive interview with OnlyAccounts.io, influencer boxer and OnlyFans favourite Elle Brooke discusses how Piers Morgan doubled her earnings overnight. 

Brooke admits she was earning £30,000 a week before she left university and Morgan has now left her contemplating whether she should buy one Ferrari or several.

Interview Highlights:

  • Elle Brooke claims Piers Morgan ‘doubled her earnings overnight’
  • Brooke confirms she was earning £30k a month before leaving Uni
  • Admits she can afford several of her dream Ferraris thanks to OnlyFans
  • Is worried she is going to be cloned from her sweaty workout gear

Full Transcript:

Piers Morgan doubled my OnlyFans income

Elle Brooke is one of OnlyFans’ biggest names and has cleared up rumours about her income following her rise to stardom thanks to a little help from Piers Morgan

“I was making 30k a month at university, so that’s why I left but I think people think that’s now and maybe I didn’t explain it right, but they just hear the 30 grand a month. 

“Uni ended when I was 21 or 22, so three years ago now. Life is good, thank you Piers Morgan – he basically doubled my earnings.”

Brooke worried about being cloned by subscriber

Brooke is all for rising subscriber numbers but one particular unhygienic request left her worrying about being cloned and coming up against a team of Brookes in the ring.

“Some guy wanted to buy sweaty clothes, to the point where you could ring them out. Like training gear, socks, anything like that. I was just like oh man, that’s a bit unhygienic cause I work out really hard. 

“I always think, what if someone wants to clone me? Elle Brooke vs Elle Brooke? Or make it a tag team with four of us? I’d love to do a tag-team with my sister. I sparred her recently.”

Money in the bank for Ferraris and dream home

Brooke admits her rise to stardom has left her with a sizable chunk of cash in the bank and while she is dreaming of Ferraris, a financial advisor would be having nightmares. 

“I’ve got so much money in my bank account. So much money in my bank account now that a financial adviser would be like you are f*****g stupid. Like, why are you holding that? 

“Invest that well. So I could buy a Ferrari, could buy several Ferraris if I wanted to, but yeah now I’m just saving my money. I want to buy my dream home.”

Elle Brooke

Elle Brooke is a social media personality and OnlyFans model. The online star began her crossover into influencer boxing in 2022 and has a record of 3 wins and 0 losses.