Ebanie Bridges Quotes: Battle of the Boobs; I’ll try Superman punch; OnlyFans collab with Avril Mathie

Published November 02, 2023

Watch me try Ngannou’s Superman punch vs Mathie

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In an exclusive interview with OnlyAccounts.io, IBF champ Ebanie Bridges opened up on nicknaming her upcoming match ‘Battle of the Boobs’ and subsequently doing an OnlyFans collab with her opponent Avril Mathie.

The ‘Blonde Bomber’ also spoke about trying to replicate Francis Ngannou’s Superman punch and on her tactics when it comes to content creation on social media.

I’ve already won ‘Battle of the Boobs’

Voluptuous superstar Ebanie Bridges is set to defend her IBF bantamweight title against fellow Australian Avril Mathie in San Francisco in December in a bout that has been nicknamed the ‘Battle of the Boobs’;

“Yeah, Battle of the Boobs! She does have good boobs too, but mine are better. I’ve already won! She’s obviously a really good looking woman. She does OnlyFans as well, and she’s a swim wear model.

“I know a lot of people are writing her off, kind of like how everyone wrote me off because I’m pretty and a model and have an OnlyFans. I believe she’s gonna be a tough opponent. All the fights I’ve watched – and she’s been in some wars – she has shown real grit.”

Watch me try Ngannou’s Superman punch vs Mathie

Francis Ngannou shocked the world with his performance against Tyson Fury but also by trying to land a jumping ‘Superman’ punch and Bridges says she wants to replicate the move in her next title bout against Mathie;

“I loved the Superman punch! I wish that landed, that was sick. I’ve tweeted about that. I wonder if that’s actually legal in boxing. I might try it in my next fight, why not?

“I mean, my next opponent is like five-foot-eight. I might have to jump. But she’s gonna have to have a really good f**king jab to keep me off her. Not many people can.

Only Fans collab with Avril Mathie after we scrap

The Blonde Bomber has taken OnlyFans by storm since joining the platform and she’s already planning to collaborate with Mathie after they meet in the ring in December. The glamorous boxer also revealed her raunchy Halloween plans for her fans;

“After we fight, we’ll do a collaboration, and we’ll get some more money! That’d be decent. Luckily I’ve got a lot of followers on OnlyFans because I’m already a brand and I’m a famous celebrity. She started OnlyFans from the bottom.

“Go check my OnlyFans out to see what I’ve been up to for Halloween! I’ve got lots of cute costumes on there, you can see. Exclusive content.”

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