Ebanie Bridges Interview: Working Closely With Conor McGregor To Push Irish Forged Stout; Netflix Doc Covering Bridges’ Journey To Becoming Undisputed

Published October 04, 2023

In an exclusive interview with OnlyAccounts.io, boxing champion Ebanie Bridges discusses her partnership with Conor McGregor and reveals why Forged Stout is on everybody’s lips. 

Bridges discusses just what it takes to get people talking and hints she could be popping up on your television soon as she admits Netflix are following her journey to become undisputed.

Interview highlights:

  • Forging a successful partnership with the legendary Conor McGregor
  • Knowing the art of promotion and what it takes to get people talking
  • Netflix following her every move during journey to become undisputed

Full Transcript:

Working with McGregor to push Irish Forged Stout

Ebanie Bridges has been working closely with Conor McGregor to get people talking

“He’s [Conor McGregor] been staying in contact with me to help promote Irish Forged Stout, which we did very successfully. I believe it was a definite success, what we wanted to happen happened.

“Everyone was talking about Forged Stout, Ebanie Bridges and Conor McGregor. So we’ll keep that going. It’s a really good partnership. They know I’m a big asset because we get people talking and that’s what we want.

“Marketing and promotion is all about getting people talking. A hundred percent. And that’s something we don’t fail at.”

Netflix covering Bridges’ journey to become undisputed 

Bridges reveals you will see her on the box if her journey pans out over the next couple of years

“I’ve been documenting my life for the last nearly two years now. Hopefully that will be shown when I become undisputed, because it’s the journey, isn’t it? 

“So we’re not quite at the end of the journey yet Maybe 2024, 2025.”

Ebanie Bridges

Ebanie Bridges is an Australian professional boxer and OnlyFans model. She has held the IBF female bantamweight title since 2022. Bridges competed as an amateur and won gold in the women’s bantamweight event at the 2016 and 2017 Australasian Golden Gloves. The Australian has been nicknamed the ‘Blonde Bomber’ due to her hair colour and her coach Arnel “Bomber” Barotillo. Bridges has a record of 26–4 in her amateur boxing career between 2016 to 2018 and a 9-1 in her current pro boxing career from 2018 to present.