Ebanie Bridges exclusive: Conor McGregor should sign up to OnlyFans; McGregor is a big supporter of mine; Elle Brooke would absolutely demolish Astrid Wett

Published June 20, 2023

In an exclusive interview with OnlyAccounts.io, Australian pro boxer & OnlyFans model Ebanie Bridges reveals one of her big supporters is none other than Conor McGregor.

The ‘Blonde Bomber’ speaks openly about her friendship with McGregor, and calls upon the UFC double champ to start his own OnlyFans account.

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Interview highlights:

  • Conor McGregor should sign up to OnlyFans
  • McGregor is a big supporter of mine
  • You wouldn’t be able to imagine how much I earn on OnlyFans in a month
  • Elle Brooke would absolutely demolish Astrid Wett
  • Eddie Hearn is too shy for me to try anything at weigh-ins with him

Full transcript

Question: Did you give him (Connor McGregor) any ideas for getting into OnlyFans himself?

Ebanie Bridges: No, I didn’t – but he might have some ideas of doing it. I do give a lot of people the idea though of joining OnlyFans – especially women as some people look down on it as a bad thing. But it’s not, it’s exclusive content from athletes and celebrities – it doesn’t need to be sex and porn as it’s not like that.

I’m not a blogger or Instagram a lot by telling people all the time what I’m doing, but on my OnlyFans, I do. So all the fans know what I’m up to – at home or when out, plus behind the scenes. While it’s been good during the injury as a way to keep in touch with all my fans.

Q: You’ve been hanging out with Conor McGregor recently I see? He looked like he was kind of ‘manhandling’ you – but what’s he like in person?

EB: He’s lovely – me and Conor have been talking for a while – he’s always supported my career; I’ve talked to him online and he sends me messages before my fights and has invited me to Ireland a few times and is nice to have that support and friendship.

Recently was obviously the first time I’d seen him in person and that was great after the conversations we’ve had online. He’s awesome and so effervescent and has that energy – when Connor walks in the room he lights it up and he’s very inspiring.

Q: What’s the most you’ve ever earned in a month on OnlyFans, or can you not give out that information?

EB: No, I can’t – but it’s a lot. You wouldn’t be able to imagine it. I got a signing on fee, and I sponsor quite a few athletes. But they (OnlyFans) are great on how they are supporting us as well. Things are going well.

Q: Elle Brooke and Astrid Wett – can you see getting it on, and how do you see that going?

EB: I don’t think Astrid Wett will take that fight – she’s smaller – and Elle would absolutely demolish her.

Q: At the weigh-ins have you ever considered putting the moves on Eddie Hearn on the stage to see if that will break the internet?

EB: No, I tried to give him sunglasses before, but he didn’t play along – he seems a bit shy. I think he’s been tormented enough. It’s not just him – it’s everyone now – I could be naked at the weigh-ins and people probably wouldn’t notice me because they are too busy looking at everyone else in the background.

I get so many memes of people zooming in on the guys and all the officials and memes of people just looking at me. It’s quite funny to be fair – it’s like ‘what about me’?

Ebanie Bridges

Ebanie Bridges is an Australian professional boxer and OnlyFans model. She has held the IBF female bantamweight title since 2022. Bridges competed as an amateur and won gold in the women’s bantamweight event at the 2016 and 2017 Australasian Golden Gloves. The Australian has been nicknamed the ‘Blonde Bomber’ due to her hair colour and her coach Arnel “Bomber” Barotillo. Bridges has a record of 26–4 in her amateur boxing career between 2016 to 2018 and a 9-1 in her current pro boxing career from 2018 to present.